Low-code Video Demo of Agilit-e, IBM Watson Workspace/Conversation and Node-RED in action 

By John Jardin | 12/13/17 11:26 AM | App Dev - Cognitive | Added by John Oldenburger

This is a video demonstration of how a bot was created using a low-code strategy to integrate IBM Watson Workspace with IBM Watson Conversation using Node-RED & Agilit-e as the middleware. Bringing these tools together truly shows off the power of cloud services and integration.

Watson Developer Cloud Java SDK XPages Library 

By Paul Withers | 12/1/17 8:34 AM | App Dev - Cognitive | Added by John Oldenburger

Recently I’ve been digging into the Watson Conversation APIs. With Java being my language of choice, the natural starting point was the Watson Brewery demo which integrates with Watson Workspace. This in itself was a learning experience as I finally stepped beyond the world of Eclipse to use IntellJ IDEA, as mentioned in the ReadMe.