OpenNTF - OpenNTF on Twitter 

By OpenNTF | 11/17/17 8:38 AM | App Dev - Open Source | Added by Oliver Busse

When the free non-production Domino server license was launched on developerWorks earlier this year, it brought that area of developerWorks to the conscious awareness for possibly the first time. I looked at the "Communities" sub-page and, in particular, the "Social" area near the bottom on the right. That highlighted that there were Twitter feeds being publicised that were not being maintained. That needed addressing.

XPages Extension Library 901v09_02 released 

By OpenNTF | 11/7/17 3:48 AM | App Dev - Open Source | Added by Oliver Busse

This release is the 2nd IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 FP9 version of the XPages Extension Library (ExtLib) to OpenNTF. This release contains changes related to the versioning of the Extension Library. It contains new enhancements as well as a number of bug fixes.